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Critter was born on September 2nd 2013  and he crossed the rainbow bridge on January 15th 2023 he loved his dad very much and he love going for rides on the motorcycle with his dad too, he liked to ride in the parades and see all the people and he was loved by everyone he met, he was a superstar in my world and he will be greatly missed.



Dallas was a birthday gift from my husband, the best surprise I could have asked for. He gave us 15 happy years with so much energy. He loved to cuddle with you in his own way. He was a momma's boy for sure. He wouldn't leave my side. He loved tennis balls, any stuffed animals and loved bacon treats. He loved to sunbathe out on the sidewalk or by the porch. He was definitely spoiled and very much loved. He loved when his sister's Ashley and Cassie would visit. He left behind his furry friends (wife) Chloe, son Paco and big brother Zeke who happen to be a Boxer. He will be dearly missed. His human Momma and Daddy will forever miss you and love you!



Chico was born 12/7/2010. He lived to be 12 years old! He had big ol puppy eyes that never stopped melting your heart even as he got older. He was the healthiest dog, the sweetest dog, and also the most stubborn. Nonetheless, we loved him and he loved us. 12 years is a long time for a dog, but it’s not long enough for us humans. We miss you buddy, more than you know!



Our story began a little over 18 years ago when my daughter made her way under the front porch of her Opa’s house to pick out our little brown nosed kitten from a litter that had been born.  We named her Blau (German for blue). She was the sweetest and loving cat although her facial expression didn’t portray that at all. Often times people commented she looked mad. She loved to climb up on the shoulders of anyone who would let her, even in the bathroom, lol
When we were sick she was right there to bring comfort.  She loved to have her nose and behind her ears rubbed. We miss her daily routines and her meow.  She will forever be loved, remembered and missed. 💜



Peluchin was part of our family for 12 years, and went on numerous trips with us. He was spoiled rotten by every one in the family. He was the most loyal companion we've ever had. He loved car rides and enjoyed the dog park. He had the most beautiful brown eyes you'd ever seen. Peluchin will be missed dearly and already our bed feels so empty. Forever in our hearts.



Nugget was a very special dog.  We were so blessed to have him for 4 years,,, Nugget grew up in Colorado.  When his human Mom got sick he was her comfort dog. When she had to go to a nursing home we were blessed to find him. We were looking for a dog and he was looking for a home. Little did we know he was very special.  He loved everyone he met and he had a big impact on them with his big smile.  He just touched hearts.  He loved kids.  The neighborhood kids would come and ring the doorbell and ask if Nugget could come out and play.  Nugget and I walked at the park and he had everyone wrapped around his big ol' paw. Nugget loved car rides, he went everywhere we went. Nugget was all heart and kindness and a perfect gentleman. Our hearts are broken. Thanks to the people at Furrever Pet for their kindness and thoughtfulness.



Maximus was a big part of our family and was the most loveable dog.  We cherished nearly 14 years of life with him.



Buster was very rambunctious yet protective, he loved barking at the mail man and anyone who came near our yard we called him our neighborhood terrorist lol. He loved “Grandma and Grandpa” very much! Never left their side , his favorite thing to do was to beg for food and always ate cake with the family around birthdays he will be greatly missed after being with us for over 15 years.


Lady Abigail Sage

Lady Abigail Sage of Palisades was born on July 10, 2006. She joined our family on 9/21/2006. Her sweet and feisty spirit was just what we needed to heal our hearts after a rough year from losing our first child in a miscarriage. She was placed in my arms on the same date as we had originally thought our newborn baby would be born. From the moment I saw her, my heart was full. She brought many years of love to our family. She spent her senior years in my piano studio listening to my students play. She loved the sunshine and snuggling with her family. She will be missed more than words can say. I love you baby girl. I will see you again one day. ❤



Born march 11, 2009 
Died November 8, 2022
Scout lit up the face of anyone who came in contact with her.  At only 1.5 lbs. she brought so much joy to her family & friends and will be greatly missed!



Ashur was a loving, playful, rambunctious “lap dog” who has provided our family with 10 years of amazing memories.  He was not just a pet to us, but our family and we will miss him everyday.



The most cuddliest, softest kitty I ever had the pleasure of cuddling. Belly rubs, nuzzles, play time, momma loved every part of having you.
I love you sweet Kylo. ❤



Princess was 7 months old, one spoiled loveable kitty, she loved her big brother and would enjoy playing with him and if not, they’d sleep together. She would always help him get food from high places so they can enjoy it together. She loved being outside, then would cry to come back inside. She was the oldest sister to a baby cat & would like to steal her baby sisters food. She was so loved and will be dearly missed



Ella was my shadow. Everywhere I went, she was right behind me. Her favorite place was being wrapped around my neck with her head on my shoulders. Ella loved her a soft blanket or pillow to lay on, cuddling up to mom, pup cups and going for car rides. Ella turned 13 this summer but was still full of life and energy, however cancer cut her time here with us short. Everywhere she went, everyone fell in love with her. She will be missed tremendously.


Tiger Lily

Our beloved 11 year old boxer passed away October 20, 2022.  Tiger Lily taught our shih zu everything there was to know about yard security.  She fervently protected our cat, chasing away any other cat that ventured into our yard.  She was known to openly share her dog house with our cat on cold nights as well.  She protected our youngest son whenever she thought his siblings were being too rough.  She loved to play chase which usually culminated into her running large circles in our yard in an effort to avoid the tag. She loved her "people" as much as we loved her. 



X was a ball of energy. Although he was huge, he thought he was a lap dog and would come in and just flop down on you. His favorite thing was to be cuddled. If you stopped, he would nudge you with his paw or nose wondering why you stopped loving on him.He was one of the most loving babies, literally. He would welcome a stranger into our home as long as they loved on him! But when it came to the human babies he protected them with everything he had. Our family was blessed to have him as a part of our lives for 11 amazing years. He was a huge part of our family and will forever be missed. We love you so much X-ee.



5 weeks ago he showed up to our house starving, so I decided to feed him and eventually adopted him.. 

I named him Panther and started introducing him to my other cats . 

On Tuesday night he wanted to go outside and I let him not knowing that will be the last time I’ll see him  alive … 

Because someone decided to hurt him , 

The next day I found him injured and took him to the vet , spent 2 nights there but when I picked him up he was just not the same sweet guy anymore and he passed away on Saturday … 

 He was a very sweet boy and only wanted to be loved…  

He was going to be a great addition to our family… 


Gypsy Amira Grace


She was the best and sometimes the worst sweet girl ever. She loved food!!! More than anything. She also loved sun-bathing, walks, blankets with cozy spots, Easter egg hunts, whine-yelling for things she might want, and being with her family. And food!  
Although we miss her everyday, we know she's a peace, and reunited with her brother and sister, as well as a host of other doggie family and friends. 
We feel blessed to have shared 14 wonderful years with our babygirl.
We love you for always



Ringo was a sweet and loving boy who wanted the entire world to be his friend. In his short 22 months of life he brought his family so much love and happiness. Ringo taught his family what pure and unconditional love was. Ringo will be loved and missed deeply.



Surie loved and greeted everyone she met with a kiss, and a kiss, and another kiss. She enjoyed cuddles, going to the dog park, car trips, pupa-chinos from starbucks, ear scratches, and playing with her fur sister Pebbles. She was our first rescue baby and on the day we adopted her, it was like she came to us and chose us. She was very active and playful, and wagged her little stub tail as fast as it could go. She loved her human brother Bennett very much and followed wherever he went. Although she left us too soon and our hearts were not prepared, we are glad we had her to share some of our years with her. We may have rescued her from the shelter, but she rescued us more. We will miss her so much until we see her again at the rainbow bridge, but until then we will always remember her as our sweet "Surie Girl". 


Valen LaFaye

Val wore many hats over the last 10.5 years. Best friend, confidant, tear-catcher, laugh-giver, bed-hog, vacuum with four legs and best big sissy to her human siblings are just a few. 
She traveled over 35,000 miles in her life, as the best co-pilot there ever was. 
Her sass was unparalleled and she had more facial expressions than most humans. Her thoughts were evident. Our world will be dull without her personality adding sparkle to it. But we know that she is pain free and we will see her again. 
“I love you and you’re beautiful.”

Image (1).jpeg


Izzy Bear was just the sweetest baby. She loved everybody! She was a little sassy thing that loved car rides, French fries and cuddles! She was my little best friend for 14 years . Words cannot even explain how much we are going to miss her. We love you sweet baby Izzy ! 



Our beautiful Jade was such a sweet loving and caring one of a kind dog. She comforted everyone, and brought joy to our world. She was very active and playful, and put a smile on everyone's faces dogs and human. She is greatly missed by her dad's Jonny and Allen, her brothers Dude and Buddy. Furever In Our Hearts Our Sweet Little Girl 



Ozzy was born November 3rd 2010
He had such a personality and the day we were picking out our new addition to the family, he actually came to me as to say I'm your guy. And that is when Ozzy and I began our relationship. He was diagnosed with cancer in April 2021 and given weeks due to size and stage of the tumor on his spleen. He fought long and hard 17 months to be exact 
Ozzy gave his last fighting day October 3rd 2022. 
Forever in my heart Ozzy will rest and very well deserved 
My companion, my warrior, my shadow.


Jerry Lee Bear

Jerry was a rescue and we quickly learned he was a true gentle giant, kind and most  loving but protective when he had to be. He was not a fan of thunderstorms or fireworks, but that just meant more snuggles and lovins for us. He has left behind his fur nieces and nephews that will miss uncle Jerry dearly. He has left a permanent paw print on our hearts and in our lives. We will never forget him and how incredible he really was. Our dear Jerry Lee Bear.



Luna was the sweetest most energetic, yet grumpy old lady especially when other dogs came around, but everyone that crossed her path quickly fell in love with her and her chubby rolls. She was known as the vacuum of the house because any kind of food that was dropped was quickly ate up by her, and any time she heard a plate or utensil she ran to see what her next meal was going to be. She loved going out with us to get the mail then roaming the neighborhood and even made some friends on the way. One of Luna’s favorite activities was chasing flies, and she wouldn’t give up until she caught them. We will definitely miss seeing her tiny nose and paws creep under the door and her scratching at my door every morning. We love and miss you very much Luna. Our house will never be the same without you but you will always live in our hearts.



Petey was truly one of a kind. He was the most loyal, stubborn, kind hearted, playful boy! He gave us a wonderful and unforgettable 12 short years. His momma, dad, sister, and fur sisters miss him painfully. R.I.P "scooter boy"


Booger Young

Boog was the sweetest and most silly baby I'd ever seen. We loved him from the first second we met him and his personality was like no other.  We miss him dearly already, but appreciate the care Furrever gave to him and the love they show as well.


Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was put here on this earth to save me and that is just what she did! For 14 years she was an amazing dog! I rescued her but really she rescued me! I will see her again in heaven



Billy came to Bomb City K9 in 2019 from where he was a tracking dog for a prison in Brownfield Tx. He was retired from there and placed with BCK9 where we had given him a home and kept him on stand by for search and rescue. Billy completed many training missions and one mission finding a lost child on the river by Boys Ranch. He was always full of life and everyone that he come in contact with him LOVED HIM. Every morning he would see my pickup pull in and he was the first to bellow out a howl to say good morning. We used him for events and school functions. He loved children and they loved to hide and let him find them. He lived a good life and loved his family. We will miss him dearly and our kennels will never be the same without him.



Natalie was born in 2007. We adopted her through Top of Texas Corgi Rescue, and she became a member of our family in May 2014. For the next eight years, she spent nearly every day with us. She was a happy, loving dog who loved rolling in the grass, playing with her toys, and running around the backyard.
Natalie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 7:30 AM on September 15, 2022. She was 15 years old. We miss her so much



Osiris was my silly wiggle bean, my burger bean, my little twinkle toed  wet noodle of joy and tail wags. He was never still and always so happy to see anyone and would greet me after work with so many wiggles. He and his spots were characters and the white tip of his tail was always moving happily.
I rescued him as a puppy, when he would chirp like a tiny little bird, and stayed by his side as he progressed into just making moose noises at me. He always loved making random noises and often took pride in the fact he could burp seemingly on command. Osiris loved water, and he always had his own little pool outside for him to splash around in. He always wanted to be outside sun bathing or carrying around branches like they were little sticks while he chewed on them. I got to have my baby boy with me for almost 10 years and they were wonderful years full of him making weird noises at me every chance he got, and wiggling about. Si had a habit of laying in silly ways, and he would always make space for his baby brother Shiro to lay with him.  
He always knew when I was upset and would do his best to lay on me and not let me move till I felt better. Si was my sweet sweet baby who needed to leave me far sooner then I was ready for, and I will always carry my baby with me in my heart and the many great memories I have of him. Si had left behind a legacy of a silly bean, and so much love. 
I miss you wiggle bean.



We rescued Wylie from the municipal shelter 14 years ago. Even at a young age, he was cantankerous and only loved on this terms. We were amazingly blessed we were his people and we truly got to love him his whole life.  He was a constant in our lives and ruled the house, even around the 60 lb dogs.
Our hope is as others open their homes and hearts to rescue dogs, his legacy lives on.



Brody passed at the age of 10 yrs old. He lived a full live surrounded by his 3 siblings. He loved to travel. His best times were playing catch on the beach. He was deeply loved and will be deeply missed.



Maverick was a rescue. One of the things we loved most about him was that he always wanted to be around his people. He made the trek across multiple states, from Portland, OR to Amarillo. He was there through all the life changes. He was a smart, goofy, patient, and loving dog. We only had you in our lives for four years, but your love for us feels like a lifetime of loves. We love you, and we’ll miss you, Maverick.



Captain and my journey started in 2016. When I got him he had a Raccoon face and a brown spot right above his tail otherwise, he was solid white. After his first bath, spots started showing up Everywhere, to how he looks in the picture. Captain went everywhere with me. He lifted my spirts when I was down, he had this crazy run for a dog (definitely not your typical run). Captain was my traveling companion, my sleeping buddy, my all around best friend. I loved him and he loved me. I will dearly miss him until the day I pass on. He will always be in my Heart.



We adopted Pandy in 2010 after her owner fell ill and had to move in with his family. She was the most loving and loyal dog we ever had. She loved and mothered every dog we had. She’s a dog with many nicknames and will be forever missed in our home.  She lived a long 14 1/2 years! She’s crossed the rainbow bridge and now playing with her siblings. Thank you Pandy for loving us as much as we loved you! Matt, Danielle and Haley Taff



Oh, Rocky boy. Where do I even begin to tell everyone how special you were and still are? All dogs are
special, and dogs in general are God’s best gift to man. But you were extra special. You were the
sweetest creature God ever made. I always knew that dogs were great and better than we deserve, all
of them, but I didn’t know that God made one like you. You were too good for this world. You had eyes
that were so human and loving, and you stared at me with them all the time as if I was the best thing
you ever knew in this world. I could literally see how much you loved me in those eyes. They were the
most precious thing I’ve ever seen. You always looked out for your Grampa (my dad) and your little
sister, Artemis the hound dog. Your little sister, as much as I love her, was always such a butt to you, but
you loved her anyway, no matter how many treats and toys she stole from you, and she was your best
playmate. In fact, you didn’t want toys and treats as much as you wanted the love, time, and attention
of me and Grampa. I still remember a day when you were being a little extra clingy and I tried to give
you treats to distract you, and I heard you drop a treat out of your mouth to chase me down and insist
on some cuddles. I’ve never known a dog that did that. I will miss your cuddles; they were the best. You
were the gentlest creature, as I remember watching you gently grabbing a snail (that had somehow
managed to crawl onto your butt) with your mouth and gently laid it on the floor, without a scratch on
it. I’ve never seen a dog do that. I’ll always remember your dog smile, and all the times you looked at me
with so much happiness. I’ll always remember how you would adorably pretend to not notice me, or
perhaps waited for me to notice you, when I came in as your long tail let out tiny wags of excitement. I’ll
miss calling you “Rocky the Rockstar” and “Rocky the Rocket”. And I’ll always remember the first day we
brought you home, how you followed my every move, and knew that you were home with me and dad. I
always told you that you had to live forever, because you were just so good, I couldn’t imagine life
without you…and now here we are…I know, your little sister wanted to go on an adventure, and you had
to look after her. I know. You took your job as a big brother very seriously, and I know you wouldn’t
have wandered off on your own accord. I still remember how you would simply move on to the other
food or water bowl when Artemis started eating or drinking out of yours. You were a gentleman in every
way. There’s a Facebook post that floats around every now and then about a dog’s grave that reads
“Born a dog, Died a gentleman.” That was you for sure, Rocky. I’ve loved every dog I’ve ever had and
pretty much every dog I’ve ever met, but you were special, Rocky. You were the best, I’m convinced of
it. And it was an honor to have loved you and been loved by you for as long as God let us have you. And I
know Artemis will remember you. She misses you; I know she does, and she stood by your side until you
were found. You taught her everything she knows about being a dog, she’s never known a life without
you. She won’t forget you, none of us will. You were simply the best, and there’s such a big hole in my

heart because I know that I’ll never find another one like you, and I just want you back. But I know
you’re okay where you are. I have a feeling that mom (your grandma that you never got to meet) is
looking after you now. I just know that she would have loved to meet you, and I’m sure she gets that
chance now. She’ll take good care of you until we meet again. But I just want you to know that I love
you, that I’ll always think about you, and that I tried my best to find you. I was telling everyone I saw to
look for you, we had so many people looking for you and your sister, because I knew how much it would
kill me if either of you didn’t make it home. You were supposed to still be here, Rocky. I love you so
much. I’ll always miss you, Rocky. You were simply the best. The sweetest creature God ever made.



Bug was a funny dog-- loveable and possessing such a distinct personality. She was shy and slow to trust, but she rewarded that trust with quiet loyalty and sweetness. Right up until she used that sweetness to lull you into a false sense of security and steal your cookies, that is. She carved a fluffy little place into all of our hearts, and we will miss her every day. We will miss the little dog that stole bowls, loved to eat tomatoes, and affectionately became known as our "Buggy-girl." We were fortunate to be her family for so many long, happy years, and we will love her still; she's just walked on ahead of us.



You were our best friend, and a huge part of our family!! We will miss you tremendously.  I will never forget, the day that I rescued saved me!! Bullseye born 12/19/2012 passed over the rainbow bridge 08/06/22 furrever in our hearts!!  Free to jump and romp around, pain free, for eternity!!


P'Nut Butter

P'Nut Butter was a wonderful baby. She gave the best kisses, even when they were unwanted. She also gave the best hugs when you were sad. She loved her mommy and her mommy loved her so very much, that she didn't mind when P'Nut always followed her, even to the bathroom just to give her kisses. Her favorite pastime was to cuddle, although a close second would be pushing her older sister into walls. She would dance and give you her big puppy eyes for treats, and you couldn't ever say no. Her mommy misses her so much...



Tinsel was a happy girl, who loved her sister Noelle and eating shoes. She was an active baby and even though she could jump on the couch, she could not jump on the bed, where she always wanted to be. She loved her daddy, and would always cuddle him when he got home. She would hide and jump out of corners, scaring the absolute crap out of anyone because we didn't want to step on her. If she wasn't eating shoes or playing with Noelle she was annoying her oldest sister, Marlee, who in turn would always jump on the bed to get away from her. 
She is missed by her family immensely.


Dotty Rey

Dotty Rey was born dec 11,2020 
With scoliosis & only one eye . She faces many health problems but was always a happy , loving . She loved soaking in the sun & playing tugg . She was a fat girl always guarding her bowl of food and water . She was loved by many people and touched many hearts for being so strong with her disability. I love u and miss you dotty


Pretty Bird

We bought pretty bird 19 years ago in Missouri. We bought him for our then 1, 2 and 8 year old daughters. He was their best friend . the only sentence he would say was I want out to play with Abby. And he would get on her shoulder and she would ride her bike up and down the hallway and that bird loved going fast ! Best times. He is truly missed by his family. Fly high Pretty Bird ! We love you always .He went to heaven and will join his brother Roscoe and his sister Peaches.



Allie loved her family for 17 years but she was definitely a mama’s girl. She has gone on to join her best friend Rookie Bear. She’s loved and will be missed. Sweet Allie left her paw prints 🐾 on our hearts.


Creedmoor Lambert

Creedmoor Lambert was a 3.5 yr old chocolate lab with a heart the size of the great outdoors and the goofiest personality. He loved playing with his sister Louka and especially loved his human baby brother Archie. Creedmoor was as loyal as they come who took protecting his family very seriously. He loved going on walks, car rides, food, toys (squeakers especially) and squirrels. Creedmoor was met at the Rainbow Bridge by his big brother Van Hine Lambert and we know they are both now living their best pain free lives. He was loved by all who knew and met him and will be greatly missed.


Tootie Pi Gallagher

First she was our baby and a lady!
She was the joy of our hearts
She loved to sing, (to Sweet emotion by aerosmith, heart of glass by blondi, Happy birthday and also some Christian songs as well). She also enjoyed rolling on the carpet, grass, and the snow! We had a blessing and a gift for 14 years with her and she will be missed more than we can express we loved her dearly and will always have her in our hearts and memories.



Cooney or best known as our racoon look alike, our chonky girl, and big momma made a huge impact on our lives. She was the sweetest cat that would talk back to you, greet you at the door, and love on you as much as she could. She was 16 years old and lived the best life a cat could have. Thank you for being the best pet ever, we will miss you so much and will fur-ever be in our hearts.



Sierra was blind and deaf when I adopted her from a cocker-spaniel rescue group a little over two years ago.  Presumed to be at least 10 at the time, she had been used for breeding in a puppy mill and then dumped.
She was an absolute angel, loved everyone and made friends wherever she went.  She loved to go outside for walks and poke her nose in everything. 
A fast-growing tumor took her too soon, but I am grateful to have had her.



I adopted Giselle from the Humane Society in October 2007. She was about a year and a half old, so I don’t know her history. She came right to me and I knew she was the right pup for me.  After being my companion for almost 15 years, she had lived her life. We had many adventures together. She helped me study, while completing my Master’s, went on many vacations around Texas, rode the Brackenridge Park Eagle (train) in San Antonio, saw the Painted Desert and Petrified Forrest, visited Tucson, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Giselle liked to go to the park, the Botanical Gardens, Saturday Market and the garden shop. We were not ready to let each other go.   I missed her before she even left and I will always love her. She also leaves behind her Beagle sister, Alma and Pit Bull/Lab mix brother Cody and of course her daddy (my husband) Martin, who she grew to love … or at least stopped biting him.



Delilah Grace was such a great and loving dog. She definitely let you know when someone was at the front door. She took her role as guard dog very serious. She loved cuddles from her family and especially loved laying in her momma’s lap for cuddles. She took a piece of us with her but we know she is now able to run freely and is getting endless treats. We love and miss you sweet girl!!



Maximum was the sweetest and he was such a snuggly and gentle giant. Everyday he gave us such love and laughter. Even when he was grumpy sometimes


Suzie Q

Suzie Q was the highlight of our day she would always smile when we got off work and school. She was definitely full of energy and loved to always chase bigger dogs than her thinking she was the bigger one. There is so much we could say about suzie all we know is she was definitely loved and will be missed so much. Thank yalll so much for being a huge part during our difficult time.


Rookie Bear

Rookie Bear loved everyone. If there was a crowd, he made sure every person got some time with him. He loved to chase the birds in the backyard. His favorite toy was his bungee dog.  He enjoyed shaking his nose on Allie’s ears to play; she was his best friend. He was especially fond of his boy, David. He was Jared’s backyard buddy and Angel’s favorite snuggler.  Rookie Bear will forever be loved and missed. 



Rocky, aka Horse, Torres went to be with the Lord on May 24, 2022 after living a full and happy life of 17 years.  His life didn't start out the best but it all changed when his Daddy picked him from an Allsups parking lot in White Deer TX.  From that day forward, daddy made sure to give him and his sister Oreo the best life ever.  In August of 2013, daddy met and  married Jessica, who became his mommy. And later our family of  four became a family of 6 with the addition of his brother Bentley and sister Sadie.  Rocky's loved to play chase with his siblings and chase squirrels up trees.  He loved seeing the deers on family trips to Ruidoso NM and giving daddy button nose kisses. But his most favorite thing in the world he loved to do is run his nose and sleep in a freshly out of dryer soft blanket washed using Downy Lavender while sitting in mommy's lap while they watched movies and folded laundry.  Rocky was a kind and sweet soul.  He lives behind daddy, mommy, his fur siblings, grandma, aunts, uncles, and many cousins who all loved him deeply.



This is Sam-I-Am with his sole mate Shasta of 13 years. He has not been the same since she passed a few months back.  In the last few minutes of his life, I ask him if he was ready to go see Shasta...he opened if eyes, lifted his head, and shook it to say YES.  I got Sam-I-am 14 years ago when he was advertised as "too ugly to live" 
I rescued him and raised him at my work place ..the Texas Social Work department of The University of Texas,  Austin.  He helped our Social Workers calm down each day.  When I retired he received honors as well.  He and Shasta have traveled with me for 12 years in my motorhome.  With the loss of my best buddies, it will never be the same -  But I am blessed  knowing that they are back together once again.  His ashes will be united with hers in the mountains of New Mexico.



gArf was a crazy girl, she loved screaming and getting zoomies. She was gone too soon, but now she gets to meet other fur babies that have left us too. gArf will forever be loved and missed.

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg


Izzy was born on July 16 2019 and was sadly taken from us too soon on April 10th 2022. Izzy was energetic and always a happy dog. She was the most loving dog an owner could ask for. She loved going for walks and would always seem to make you run. She was a very adventurous dog, and I hope she continues on her adventures in heaven. We are gonna miss you so much Izzy love you forever.



My sweet Betty was rescued from a shelter here when I moved to Texas from New Mexico.  I was living in a new state with no family and no friends, she will never know the comfort she brought me.  She was my therapy dog and best friend.  She got me through the good and bad times! She was the sweetest little dog, never barked!! Having you in my life made me a better person!! I will miss those beautiful big brown eyes!! I will love you and miss you forever my sweet girl!!


Littlebit Of Payne

Littlebit Of Payne was my baby's full akc registered name. He was born July 11th 2006 & passed away on April 8th 2022. He was my best buddy in life. I love him more than words can say. He loved to snuggle his whole life & go to work with mommy when he was a baby. I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. May you be running & playing in God's beautiful fields of flowers my precious Littlebit! I love you!!!



Our Stacy Baby ! She was so loving, caring our spoiled brat. She was a Daddy's girl all the way, our girl was our rebel fur baby all the way! She will be missed truly we love you and miss you our sweet Stacy Baby.



My name is Tinkerbell (Mama) and and I am a loving, sweet, and goofy girl. I got the name mama because I mama all the other animals (including the cats) we have. I love to chase the water hose and play with all of my siblings.  I'm a blessing to my family and I know they love me very much.



Our sweet Marley was born 9/4/2006 and left us 3/15/2022.   (15 1/2 years old) 

He loved everyone and everyone loved him.  He was the first “house dog” we ever trained to live inside.  He loved his Kong filled with peanut butter and loved green beans and raw carrots for treats. He was never a barker but instead would give a soft little “woof” to tell us he wanted outside. 

Our heart is broken but we know we had to let you go.  You brought us so much love and happiness.  You will always be in our hearts.                




She was born jan 20, 2012 she and her brothers and sisters where needing homes a customer and friend got one of her sisters and brought it to me to see I couldn't resist so I got the info and went and picked her out of the bunch then told another friend there was at least one girl left. My zoey got her looks from her dad and the other 2 sisters got there's from the mom. She has been by my side through up's and downs family and friend loss. She was a loving happy dog that always got what she wanted. She made friends everywhere she went and she made a great friend to the puppy we got about 8-9 months ago. She will be missed by so many.



The True heart of this family. Best furr baby ever. Go run with the Angels our Dear Bun Bun. Furrever our baby, Furrever in our hearts



October 11, 2014 - March 2, 2022
Our hearts were completed the day Diego joined our family on October 11, 2014.  He loved belly rubs, rolling around in leaves, eating treats and car rides.  He met the love of his life, Bella on November 18, 2016 and the two were inseparable.  Our hearts were shattered the day he met his brother Pluck at the gates of the Rainbow Bridge on March 2, 2022.  He leaves behind his dads, Edric and John, his love, Bella, his brother Simba and countless family members.

Young Raven_edited.jpg


I saw that Raven was bright and intelligent from the moment I met the lady who gave her to be. Very aware of her surroundings and paying attention to everyone around her. She had the sweetest disposition and even as a puppy was rather calm and sweet. She adopted both our cats, when there were still kittens, as her own and also was the mother to our other dog as well.  She was kind and loving to all in her "pack" which included the people her family as well. While I have had several pets in my life hers was the most gentile and sweet soul of them all! The attached photo was taken of her when she was about a year old. her fur grew longer as she got older. She was a lab mix, thus technically a mutt but the sweetest dog ever.



We had to let Skipper go. He came in the house with a limp. It progressed to not being able to stand, or walk. He was put to sleep in our living room with all of us there. 
I've had lots of dogs. I've had to say goodbye to all of them. I have been sad about them, but always recovered and moved on.
Skipper was different. Skipper never wanted to be anywhere but beside us. We traveled tens of thousands of miles together. We hiked up and down mountains. We canoed together. We deer hunted together. He tubed the Frio and Comal rivers with us on his own tube. He loved to ride my 4 wheeler with me. When I was away he guarded, and protected our home and his girls. 
We never called him our "kid", I don't believe dogs and children have the same value. BUT.................
Skipper was one of my best friends. And this whole process of losing him feels just like losing a good friend. 
I believe that I will see him again. Some may disagree, and that's ok. 
Here's to you Skip.
Thanks for always being up for anything.



Beautiful koby, we are going to miss you very much, you left us with a broken heart with pain and sadness, from the first day you came into our lives we loved you very much, we taught you a lot and you loved us too, you loved us so much, you were the sweetest thing I know It could be and with all the people you played as if you had always known them and made yourself loved by anyone, you left very soon and it was not your time  we will always miss you and you will be in our hearts forever my comfort as mom used to tell you of love my little shaggy.  07/2017-02/2022



Though a small guy, Beau had just as much love and energy as he did ears!  He was a fantastic snuggler!



Hashy was a very sweet and loving dog who loved to have his attention, he would make everyone fall in love with him. He will always be in his family’s hearts with the impact he made on all of us



Cooper was adopted with love 8 months ago at the age of 4.  He was an avid outdoorspuppy who enjoyed hiking and swimming.



For such a tiny baby, she left big paw prints on her family's heart.



"I got Willy when I was a little girl, he was the sweetest boy and will be missed everyday. I love you so much kid and will see you again."



65 lbs. of pure muscle & heart



Rako was not only loved by his parents, but the whole neighborhood! He enjoyed visiting all of his friends everyday, especially the mailman!



Deeta Marie Crafton was adopted in 2011 from the local animal shelter. Deeta was the most gentle dog, who loved to get your attention by gently patting you with her paw. She was very particular about having a night light, and let you know if you forgot to turn it on. Deeta enjoyed long naps & belly rubs with her best girl, Emma.



You were the best dog ever!  We will forever miss you.



Atticus was a rescue dog from Doberman Rescue. He came from an abusive home. This sweetheart was the wonder of our life for nine more years. He was our brave hearted love. See you again our boy! You are loved.



On your “Gotcha Day” we named you Mr. Socks, but that name just never stuck. You were “our Kitty” and Meow Meow Kitty Kitty is the name that became yours. Your life was tragically cut short by the cruel fate of cancer, but now you are no longer in pain. Thanks for all the head butts and leg rubs. Happy hunting, kitty boy!



Gretta was playful and always happy to meet a new friend. She greeted us everyday when we got home and always wanted a scratch behind the ears or a treat. She was a big girl that always thought she was a small lap dog. We will miss her. 


Diesel Bear

Diesel Bear lived a lot of life in his ten short years. He was the most gentle teddy bear that loved to eat, sleep, and make every step we made throughout the day. He will forever be apart of our family. We miss you and love you so much, bub. Fly high.



Tyson had the heart of a lion and a haircut to match. He was always the life of the party and never met a stranger he loved everyone.  He will be missed.



Bella was a sweet loving dog. Even though she was getting old, she always had energy to show us love and affection. 
To Bella Bear:
I loved you your whole life, I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.



Sophie was the runt of a large litter of 11 Goldens.  She was a gift of a dear friend. Sophie filled our days with joy and companionship, specially after becoming empty nesters. She went to dog heaven in the hands of the loving staff at Becky Drinnon’s kennel, while we were out of town. She had been ill for some time. After 13 years of sweet and loyal affection, we will miss her dearly.



The first addition to our new family,  Sasha was adopted from the Humane Society over 9 years ago. She was the Alpha of the pack of 4, and also the princess. Her tap dancing beg for treats  was the first thing we heard when we woke each morning and the end to our evening routine. Affectionately known as the hairy one, Sasha loved her monthly trips to the salon as well as chasing and sometimes eating the neighboring wildlife. We will miss you so much. See you on the other side.


Khloe Joyce

She was a loyal and loving pup. She always looked out for everyone. Whether it was watching over her mom while she worked or her brothers while they played outside you could always count on Khloe to be on guard. She also loved to pick fights with dogs of any size, belly rubs, backyard bbqs, and the occasional sip of rose'. She will be greatly missed!

Cane Soliz_edited.jpg


Cane was very loving and playful. He enjoyed company and saying hello at the family get togethers. He loved his human siblings Caleb, Cameron, and Carissa so much and was adored by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be truly missed.

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