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Cremation Services

Our staff is available to assist you in this time of need 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We strive to make this process as easy for you as possible, Always feel free to call for additional information.  The price of each cremation option includes transportation from your veterinarian's office in Amarillo, the cremation process, a cremation certificate and a keepsake urn.


Private Cremation

0-25 lbs            $ 295.00
26-50 lbs          $ 345.00
51-75 lbs.         $ 395.00
76-100 lbs         $ 445.00
101-200 lbs       $495.00
201-300 lbs       $595.00

When you choose our Private Cremation Service, your pet is individually cremated with no other animals in the crematory.

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Semi-Private Cremation

0-25 lbs             $ 170.00
26-50 lbs           $ 220.00
51-75 lbs           $ 270.00
76-100 lbs         $ 320.00
101-200 lbs       $ 370.00
201-300 lbs       $ 470.00

When you choose our Semi-Private Cremation Service, your pet is placed in the crematory along with other pets divided by a barrier. Each pet is individually removed with the unique identifying tag and placed in an urn for your receiving.

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Communal Cremation

0-25 lbs             $ 95.00

26-50 lbs         $ 120.00

51-75 lbs         $ 145.00

76- 100 lbs      $ 170.00

101-200 lbs     $ 220.00

When you choose our Communal Cremation Service, your pet is placed in the crematory alongside other pets. Your pets ashes will be scattered in a dignified way by our staff.


Transportation Services

Transportation and receipt of your pet into our care from your veterinarian's office in Amarillo is included in each of our cremation services. However, circumstances sometimes require our staff to receive your pet in another location or outside of Amarillo.  We are available 24 hours a day and the charges for these services are listed below.

Receiving your pet at your home                                            $100.00

Transfer from Veterinarian outside Amarillo               $ .90 a mile

Delivery of your pets cremated remains                               $ 50.00

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