Home Euthanasia

Furrever Pet Crematory is here to help you plan and prepare.Get in touch with us to discuss the option of Home Euthanasia for your pet.Prices Starting From $250.

Saying goodbye to your best friend is hard no matter how it happens.

Do you have questions about Quality of Life for your pet and when is the right time? Please call to discuss your individual needs.

Starting price for Euthanasia $250
Additional for Nights (7pm or later) +$50
Additional for Weekends +$50
Transportation to Crematory* +$50

Serving Local Families

We service the Amarillo and Canyon areas. *Prices for service outside of those areas is calculated case by case. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our House Veternarian is here to help.

Ramy Jisha DVM

When the time comes to make the final decision for your pet, Dr. Jisha will walk you through the process with compassion for your pet and empathy for you and your family. She will help you sort through the decisions to be made, and she will work with you to make the process as gentle as possible for everyone. Dr. Jisha has always felt very strongly about making sure clients have the support they need while making Quality of Life decisions for their pets. While not an experience to which anyone looks forward, dealing with the end of a pet's life is something all pet owners will most likely face at least once in their lives. Dr. Jisha is here to guide you through both the hospice stage and, if needed, the euthanasia and after care, and she will do so with the utmost compassion for both you and your pet.

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